How to grow an EPIC MOUSTACHE

I have often seen people wondering about my Epic Moustache. A very few of them have even asked why and how. In this regard, I have tried to compile few words.

My answer can better be understood keeping in mind the paradigm used by a mad man. The guy who used to walk in the streets of Athens, and use to confront people with difficult questions. The paradigm is in his famous quotation “I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only make them think”. We are lucky that he had some domestic problems with his wife otherwise we would have lost Socrates ūüôā

Now that I must answer those question, the legend tells of about few men and women seeking glory. They had two ways, some choose the easy path and some chosen the roads less traveled.

A. The easy route

B. The difficult route: 

It is to be warned that this route is little bumpy. In literal sense, the female are advised to follow the first route because it is more cute :). However, If they insist on standing on doing something on equal grounds then they may choose something womanly to do i pursuit of following the road less traveled. Maybe they can explore about Marie Curie or Helen Keller. A real womanly thing to do along with child-rearing and breastfeeding (this is to encourage normalization of breastfeeding).

Secret ingredients to Epic Moustache:

1- Right genetics, admit or not, without proper genetics its hard to grow an Epic one. It is to say that most of the time people underestimate/overestimate their genetics. We do not know it until and unless we try to cultivate some glory. I haven’t used the term good genetics, I am merely referring it as¬†‘right genetics’.

2- Now that one has determined he/she has right genetics. The next thing they need to have is to have patience. All too often, in the very start, the feeling to get rid of moustache becomes quite overwhelming. The main thing that count during this phase is patience. The patience against your own criticism and criticism of others. However, as we start seeing some success then we further try to abide by code of manliness. The critics always become silent as always.

3-An individual who is ready to endure some criticism has to take advantage of his/her whereabouts. I, the story teller, had taken fullest advantage of living in Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

In Pakistan beards especially the Epic ones get a lot ¬†more criticism than moustache.¬†It is contrary to teachings of the religion of which most Pakistanis claim to be followers of. I leave it up to ¬†cultural anthropologists to explain it better. We must admit that Muslims are quite paranoid of their own identity, so Epic beards easily get associated with extremist’s mind frame. It is to add here that at the time of Prophet Muhammad (SAW), beard was a fashion that was associated with honor, pride, and manliness (whatever you call it). ¬†In my limited reading I have seen Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and his righteous followers to be very contrary to gender stereotypes. The one best example about it respecting women and their crying out of fear of God and compassion for his followers. Now that I have made my point, I don’t know if it is a manly thing to do or not!¬†Never to forget, Prophet (SAW) himself had beard and Muslims are advised to have beard. Truth must be told!

4- Further, now that one has something to criticize about or is planning to endure some for growing an Epic one. I am not sure what my readers are exactly thinking here. Some of the critics might be thinking why a man preaches what he does not follow. I feel unnecessary to comment on this. The more relevant conversation should related to moustache as a trait of manliness. Now before I talk about art of manliness, I must comment on few operational problems.

5-The final step is to¬†align yourself to face some operational problems (specific to Moustache). It is true that we cannot eat certain type of the foods. This means we have slightly weird eating habits. There is plenty of advice on the internet about “operational issues”.

In the end EPIC moustache has its own advantages and disadvantages. However, it is too soon to utter a word about them!

The code of manliness

“It is not the Epic Moustache outside that counts, it is the Moustache inside.” (rahim rajar, a forged statement).

The code of manliness has to do with habits and skills than genetics and looks. The supreme ingredients of REAL MEN are; courage, honor, integrity, bravery, service and truth etc. A man/woman can always acquire manly/womanly traits through hard work, practice, patience and steadfastness.

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