Who I am?

A Kyrptonian thinking to move to Europa.

But through my limited stay and existence on this planet, I want to cherish it and its inhabitants.

Hoping to create awareness and raise voice for suffering humans and to inspire people to speak for themselves. My related long-term goal is to form a non-profit organization to work on human rights in developing countries.

I am an intellectual creature with profound interest in philosophy.  I studied theology as a hobby for couple of years and then I stopped due to some personal reasons.

I am also training for short distance running while through this journey I am trying to inspire as many people as I can. Related tweets on my step twitter account @cyrusrahim.

I’ll close my introduction with few beautiful lines.

When I look back
I see the landscapes
That I have walked through
But it is different

All the great trees are gone
It seems there are
Remnants of them

But it is the afterglow
Inside of you

Of all those you met
Who meant something in your life

[Olav Rex, August 1977]