why I don’t eat in restaurants

Three months ago, I made a pledge with myself for not to eat in restaurants whatsoever, today I feel happy to announce that I have successfully completed it and have extended this pledge to further six months. I have a simple thought to share with you.

It has been fairly easy experience without compromising my social interaction, most of the people have been supportive. Upon a typical invitation, my response include acceptance of invitation to gathering with an apology for not eating out. People then ask for my reason of not eating, giving me opportunity to speak against food wastage.

In past, I have not been eating in restaurants much but always felt guilty for two reasons. My pledge actually is due to second reason

1) The food customers waste as consumers

I always found it strange when people decide to waste left over food. It is very simple to get this food packed and take with you. I don’t want to look good on the expense of others but I feel disgusted by such consumerist act of wasting edible food.

2) The left over food wastage by restaurants

I had many depressing moment when restaurants and food courts threw away all the edible and untouched food. I used to dine in a food court as a student, I would watch all the food on the counter and in the kitchen going in the waste by the end of shift. I tried to flag up this issue but trust me nothing I could do, If you live in UK then probably it will be more easy to understand. Nevertheless, this is happening everywhere.

Even once I was eating in food court and I knew the food was about to be wasted, so I requested person over the counter to give me little extra food. She simply said she can’t because I had to pay for this extra food and after few minutes that food was in dust bin. This food could have been given for free to less fortunate or to homeless humans.

I actually made my pledge after one year of this incident when I was eating a buffet, near the closing time I witnessed the horrendous act of food wastage. At that day I made promise to myself not to be a part of this food wastage by restaurants.

How I maintained necessary social presence

Being a middle class social creature, I had to maintained my necessary social presence in these situations by having a tea, coffee, or a drink.

How I survive while travelling

Eating fruits, sandwiches from local stores, and eating from local take away and avoiding mega food chains where food wastage is likely to happen (lesser evil 😀 )

How I survive when I haven’t food with me 

Sandwiches from shop

 Will it change anything?

Probably not! this thing will keep happening everywhere. But I have lesser moral conviction as I try not to participate in this food wastage phenomenon and try to create awareness by this little act.

Pay it forward

I know several objections can be raised but lets look within ourselves. This little act can create little more social awareness about food wastage and related absurd practices. If you think I make sense, please tailor this pledge for yourself.

Please share this thought with your friends who might make such pledges and let me know if you have similar ideas.


2 thoughts on “why I don’t eat in restaurants

  1. That’s nice. The most of the times, the fault is of the law – in many countries (don’t know exactly in the UK) restaurants are obliged by law to throw away all the leftovers. It would be important to press the governments to promote different ways of re-using the not sold food.

    ps: actually, while in the UK you can normally ask to bring home your leftovers when you are full, in most of the Italian restaurants they would look at you like a crazy person (although this habit is slowly coming also to Italy).

  2. Eating out in restaurants is probably the only time that I don’t waste food. When I eat at home, I’m eating food usually from Costco, which sells everything in multiple. It’s cheaper to buy three pounds of salad for $1.99 and waste two pounds than it is to buy one pound at the grocery store for $3.99 yet eat all of it. Same with bread: $3.49 for two loaves at Costco and at least half a loaf goes to waste versus $2.99 for one loaf at the grocery store. Milk is the same way: Two gallons for $5.79 at Costco and at least half a gallon goes sour and wasted. At the grocery store, one gallon is $3.95 but none is wasted. I don’t know what to do, but as long as money is the overriding factor, which it is, waste will have to be part of the equation.

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