Mental illnesses and attitude of society

Mental illnesses like psychosis, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder (etc) are not sign of weakness but most them are due to chemical imbalance inside the brain. Sometimes this chemical imbalance can happen without a reason, It’s similar to having an accident and getting physically disabled. So we should be careful how we behave and speak to mentally disabled people.

Following are examples of some of ridiculous thing to say to a person with mental illness:
“Get busy, and distract yourself.”
“Why can’t you work?”
“Stop focusing on the bad stuff, and just start living.”
“Just pray about it.”
“Do you want to get better?””
“get over it”
“You have everything you need to get better.”
“You can snap out of it. Everyone feels this way sometimes.”

Nobody chooses to create chemical imbalance in brain so why to label them crazy, retard and a psycho etc. If it is OK to discriminate, stigmatized and deny opportunities to mentally disabled persons then it should also be the same case with other illnesses diabetes, heart problems, sinusitis etc. Obviously you will appreciate the last one then we should ask one question from ourselves and people around us.

Why it is that we sympathies physical illnesses but stigmatized mental illnesses? Why?


10 commandments to become intellectual

1. Get over indoctrination
2. Give up prejudice
3. Be a logician and analytical
4. Personal integrity, criticize and appreciate peers
5. Courage to stand up for right
6. Study more and more
7. Be inquisitive and question everything
8. Improve communication skills and keep writing
9. Travel and meet people with diverse cultural background
10. Get into debates, sometime standing up for a weaker argument